We are horrified at the attacks in Paris last evening and heartbroken for the people of France. In Fr. James Martin’s wise words…

From the Cold Atlantic, Warmth for Lent

  Lent is upon us, and my weekly Shoprite flyer has a whole page dedicated to fish under the banner, “Lenten Seafood.” The specials make the weekly abstaining from “flesh meat” (Church language, not mine!) on Fridays rather more festive than the Church may have intended. But here we are, the original Meatless Weekday upon… Continue reading From the Cold Atlantic, Warmth for Lent

Cooking School Test Drive

The culinary vacation program Mary Pochez and I are collaborating on had its first test drive this week at her château, La Barbée, in the Pays Loire. Several Paris-based food and travel writers arrived on Tuesday for a friendly overnight taste of the program—and a real-life taste of Mary’s delicious cooking. On Wednesday morning they… Continue reading Cooking School Test Drive

Tomates Farcies Façon “Marie Terese” (or how I stuffed an Empress into a tomato)

Why is the Holy Roman Empress sitting on my plate ? The chalkboard menu at Au Relais d’Anjou in Durtal listed the day’s specials, with “Tomates Farcies Facon ‘Marie Terese’” at the top as one of the entrée selections. I understood these were tomatoes stuffed with something, but in the style of Marie Terese? Who was she… Continue reading Tomates Farcies Façon “Marie Terese” (or how I stuffed an Empress into a tomato)

“A Table for Lunch? Non!”

“Bonjour Madame. Do you have a table for four people?” “Avez-vous un réservation?” Madame asked. “No” we replied as our eyes drifted over the room full of empty tables. “Ah, then I cannot help you. We have no tables available.” Perhaps it was because we arrived at the local top-rated restaurant breathless and sweaty, dressed in… Continue reading “A Table for Lunch? Non!”