Cooking School Test Drive

The culinary vacation program Mary Pochez and I are collaborating on had its first test drive this week at her château, La Barbée, in the Pays Loire. Several Paris-based food and travel writers arrived on Tuesday for a friendly overnight taste of the program—and a real-life taste of Mary’s delicious cooking. On Wednesday morning they went to the market in La Flêche to pick up some fruits and vegetables and other ingredients for dinner. Carol Gillott describes their adventure in her lovely blog Paris Breakfasts.

Paris Breakfast dinner La Barbee

From dinner by the fire in the château to the pear tart they made for dessert, Carol’s post takes you on a virtual tour of the program-in-progress.  Read all about it at ParisBreakfasts-la-vie-du-chateau-de-la-barbee.

Paris Breakfast Pear Tart LaBarb

NoNoJulia will continue to report on further developments—and recipes—from Chateau La Barbée.  

Photos courtesy of ParisBreakfasts by Carol Gillott.



2 thoughts on “Cooking School Test Drive

  1. Great Post Verlee!

    That pear tart looks amazing.

    Now for the funny small world… Richard that Carol refers to is Richard Nahem of Eye Prefer Paris. He is good freinds with Laurence (who leads some of his NYC tours from time to time) and I believe introduced him to Joseph many years ago. I never met Richard but contacted him when I went to Paris! The driver, Franck, that he recommended has been used by my whole family and other friends that I know who needed someone!

    How funny is that?

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