Les Belles (et Bonnes) Tomates

Who doesn’t leap for joy at the sight of the first local tomatoes at a farm stand? For six to eight precious weeks we have at our command Beefsteaks, Romas, Early Girls, Big Boys, cherry, grape and Camparis, and the odd basket of green, yellow, pink and striped heirlooms. So many tomatoes, so little time. At… Continue reading Les Belles (et Bonnes) Tomates

Tomato-Mustard Tart (Tartes aux Tomates)

This is a recipe for the traditional French mustard tart. There are only a few ingredients: pastry, tomatoes, Dijon mustard, a bit of Swiss cheese, and a sprinkle of thyme. This recipe is an adaptation of recipes from Food Republic and a tiny Maille recipe book owned by a friend. As you’ll see, the recipe calls… Continue reading Tomato-Mustard Tart (Tartes aux Tomates)

Uncle Charlie’s Ratatouille

When I was in France this summer I met Mary Pochez, former model and Paris hostess turned château maven, who loves to cook, especially for a crowd. When she read No No Julia for the first time she came bounding over to the cottage we were renting to share her ratatouille secrets with me—which she… Continue reading Uncle Charlie’s Ratatouille

“A Table for Lunch? Non!”

“Bonjour Madame. Do you have a table for four people?” “Avez-vous un réservation?” Madame asked. “No” we replied as our eyes drifted over the room full of empty tables. “Ah, then I cannot help you. We have no tables available.” Perhaps it was because we arrived at the local top-rated restaurant breathless and sweaty, dressed in… Continue reading “A Table for Lunch? Non!”